Expert Reports

Providing expert advice on a range of cross-jurisdictional legal issues with a focus on Islamic law jurisdictions. Forensic document analysis and country expert reports undertaken for the Iranian jurisdiction on a range of matters including the treatment of religious and ethnic minorities, women and workers’ rights, social security benefits, the availability of medical treatment, etc.

Forensic Document Analysis

Expert authentication of Iranian official and legal documents, including birth certificates, national identity cards, passports, military service/completion cards, employment and educational certificates as well as court documents (summonses, verdicts, arrest warrants, criminal record certificates etc.).

Country Expert Reports

Country of origin expert reports for Iran on a range of issues including the structure of the Iranian justice system, persecution of ethnic and religious minorities as well as supporters of political dissident groups, sexual orientation and prosecution for homosexuality, double jeopardy, availability of medical treatment and social security benefits, the rights of women and children, detention conditions in Iranian prisons, human rights and financial crimes etc.

Research and Commentaries

Covering a broad range of issues relating to Islamic law jurisdictions including the enforcement of foreign court orders in Shari’a law systems, international comparative criminal law matters, advice for NGOs and government bodies on matters relating to Iranian law and procedure as well as related socio-legal issues.